We are gearing up for VBS!

Discovery on Adventure Island VBS

June 14 - 18
6 pm - 8:30 pm

We can't wait to "sea" you for Discovery on Adventure Island - a quest for God's great light! This is a free event for children ages 4 years (must be potty trained) through completed 5th grade. You won't want to miss the fun! Recreation, creative crafts, science, music, and memorable Bible stories that will help children know and share God's light in the world. Register by scanning the QR code to the right.
Want to impact the life of a child? Show them Jesus.
Contact Tiffany Mostyn to volunteer!

Sunday Mornings

10:10AM - Sunday School

Our elementary students have the opportunity to attend Kid's Arts. They play games and do crafts that help build on the big idea for that Sunday.


Our elementary students attend the first part of the 11:15AM worship then are dismissed for a special lesson. They play games, listen to Bible Stories and watch videos to reinforce the big idea for that Sunday.


Morning time

Remind your child that while they
wait for something today, God is
with them. Tell them to pay attention to all the times they wait during the day and encourage them to say a little prayer during that time. It could
be a prayer for someone else or for
themselves to have patience. Either
way, it will be time well spent!



There can be a lot of waiting during drive time. Waiting in traffic, take out line, practices, and so much more!
Why not celebrate while you wait by singing the song from this month. Head
over to studio252.tv to listen.
Q&A FOR KIDS: Do you find it hardest
to wait for your birthday, vacation, or Christmas? Why?
Q&A FOR PARENTS: What are your favorite patience hacks?


Waiting can be tough but trying to skip the wait can come at a big cost. Share something that you’re
having a hard time waiting for. Pray that when you’re tempted to jump ahead this
week, God will give you the patience to slow down and wait.


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