What are you learning in Sunday school?


Morning time

Put a special treat (that is prewrapped) with your child's breakfast. Tell them to take this with them to school as a reminder to do something extra sweet for someone else. They could even give that special treat to a friend. Tell them to not eat it until the job is done! Remind them to be kind to others because God is kind to them. 



Go through your closet, toys, or pantry and fill a bag to donate to a local cause. As you are in the car on your way to donate items ask your child, "How do you think these items will show kindness to someone else? What does it feel like to be kind to someone you won't ever meet? Why should we do this?" 
Q&A for Kids: What are you the biggest fan of?

Q&A for Parents: Who are you the biggest fan of? 


Jesus says that true kindness goes further than just following the rules. It means not only that you don’t hit your brother, but maybe you let him take the last cookie. Brainstorm at least three ways you could show kindness where you don’t have to during week. Pray that God will show you opportunities to “go the extra mile” each day.

Sunday Mornings

10:10AM - Sunday School

Our elementary students have the opportunity to attend Kid's Arts. They play games and do crafts that help build on the big idea for that Sunday.


Our elementary students attend the first part of the 11:15AM worship then are dismissed for a special lesson. They play games, listen to Bible Stories and watch videos to reinforce the big idea for that Sunday.

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